Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are responses to a number of frequently asked questions from prospective and current shareholders:

How do I invest in Cadence Capital Limited (CDM)

Cadence Capital Limited is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and trades under the ASX code:CDM. Buying (or selling) CDM is the same as buying (or selling) BHP or CBA on the ASX. You can buy and sell directly through an online or full service broker, or you can speak to your financial planner or adviser who can invest in CDM on your behalf. For more information visit our How to Invest page.

How do I invest in Cadence Capital Fund?

Cadence Capital Fund is available for investment via the Cadence Capital Fund Information Memorandum. A Certificate from a Qualified Accountant may need to be submitted with the application. Subscription forms can be found in the back of the Information Memorandum.

What are the differences between Cadence Capital Limited (CDM) and Cadence Capital Fund?

Cadence Capital Limited (ASX: CDM) Cadence Capital Fund (unlisted)
Trades on ASX Yes No
Daily liquidity Yes No (can invest monthly and redeem quarterly)
Investment price Current share price quote on ASX NTA at month-end
Minimum investment No minimum $500,000
Distribution frequency Interim and Final Dividends may be declared Annual Distributions
NTA frequency Monthly Monthly
Suitable for retail investors Yes Must meet ‘Sophisticated or Wholesale Investor’ requirements
Suitable for SMSFs Yes Must meet ‘Sophisticated or Wholesale Investor’ requirements

Change of Shareholder contact details

Please send any change in shareholder contact details (change of address, phone, email) through to our share registry, Boardroom Pty Limited. Please update your change in email address for our monthly newsletter by emailing us.

What is the current NTA of CDM and Cadence Capital Fund

Net Tangible Asset (NTA) information is published in our monthly newsletters.  Also included in the monthly newsletters is a summary of investment performance and the fund’s top portfolio positions.

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Quarterly Webcast March 2017

Quarterly Webcast March 2017

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