For the month of June 2017 Cadence Capital Limited returned a positive gross performance of 1.6% compared to an increase in the All Ordinaries Accumulation Index of 0.3%. For the 2017 financial year, Cadence Capital Limited returned a positive gross performance of 17.2% outperforming the All Ordinaries Accumulation Index by 4.1%. This outperformance has been achieved with lower than market exposure, with the company holding on average 21% cash over this period.

We are pleased with the performance of the Company’s top holdings over the past year with Melbourne IT, Macquarie Group, Janus Henderson Group, Samsung Electronics Co and Softbank Group being our top performing stocks for the year. The Company’s other international holdings also performed well over this period.

As at the 30th June 2017 the fund was holding 22% cash (78% invested).

Fund NTA

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* Before Management and Performance Fees

**These numbers include the franking value of the substantial dividend from its RHG holding received in May 2011.

CDM Share Price and Option Returns plus Dividends & Franking

* CDM 1 year figures reflect the share price move from a premium to a discount to NTA

Fully Franked Dividends Declared Since Listing


* Off market equal access buy back

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2017 Annual General Meeting – Video

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