Cadence Capital Limited (ASX:CDM)

Cadence Capital Limited is a Listed Investment Company (LIC) that invests in listed equities, with the aim of producing above market risk-adjusted returns over time. CDM listed on the ASX in December 2006 and currently has over $330m of Funds Under Management. Nearly 50% of our shareholders are Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF).

You can invest in CDM by buying shares on the ASX (ASX:CDM).

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Why Cadence?

Karl Siegling, established Cadence Asset Management in 2003 as a vehicle to manage his own, as well as other people’s money, in a way that he was comfortable with.

ASX:CDM has outperformed the market, delivering superior risk adjusted returns since inception (over 11 years).

You’re on our team. We invest our own money alongside yours.

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Hope, Fear and Greed: Understanding Investment Market Psychology

Learn to understand the 3 key emotions of investing – Hope, Fear and Greed. Find out how to determine what is a fundamentally ‘cheap’ stock, and combine that with technical analysis to determine entry points. We use Macquarie Group Limited (MQG) as a live example.

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2016 Annual General Meeting | Video

2016 Annual General Meeting | Video

In this video Karl Siegling and Chris Garrard, portfolio managers of Cadence Capital Limited, give an update on the Company’s performance, discuss some of the Company’s stock holdings and give a brief outlook for 2017.

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